Digital Strategy

and Delivery

Our Digital Strategy and Delivery Services provide strategic targeted services to support specific enterprise digital initiatives regardless of where they are in the transformation lifecycle.

Are you trying to identify where to start?

Do you have a good understanding of your business capabilities and their importance to your customers? What applications within your portfolio are supporting these business capabilities?

A Digital Strategy will help identify the appropriate digital technologies and business models to differentiate your capabilities.

Application Portfolio Assessments driven by market proven methods (Business Capability, Application Rationalization, Application Criticality and Maturity, Cloud Readiness) will help you understand your current environment and its alignment with your Digital Strategy.

Are you defining your business case, preparing and RFP or evaluating RFP responses?

We can guide you through this important early stage of a digital transformation and if required, do much of the heavy lifting. Aligning the initiative’s business objectives with the organization’s strategic direction, challenging assumptions, focusing on outcomes, failing quickly, and doubling down on successes are key principles we bring to the table.

Depending on the circumstances an RFP may or may not be the correct place to start. If an RFP is required, is it focused on business outcomes that are concise and easy to understand by the vendor community? Or, is it a extensive list of functional and technical requirements that are difficult to understand and evaluate? Digital Transformations need to deliver quickly and continuously iterate and adapt through evidence. ITERIFDE can help your organization thrive in this new reality.

Are you unsure how to best structure, manage or execute your digital transformation program?

Whether your program has not yet started, is inflight or having delivery challenges, ITERFIDE will work with you to identify what is required to help kick-start, course correct or build momentum. In Program Governance, Technology, Business Alignment or Change Preparedness, ITERFIDE is here to help you navigate the complexities of transformation success and ensure your cloud-native programs are ready to scale.

Have you already initiated a front, middle or back-office transformation?

System Integration projects involve many different platforms and technologies. ITERFIDE is technology agnostic, but has extensive experience with Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Customer relationship management applications, and Other Applications such as Collaboration applications, and Content Management.

ITERFIDE recommends a continuous transformation culture. To help our clients embrace this mandate we provide real world strategic advice supported by leading practice principles on Application Management and IT Outsourcing.

From needs assessment, to identifying options and guiding selection and implementation. ITERFIDE can enable the continuously transforming culture required in the new digital world.

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