Agile Digital

Transformation Assurance

Agile Digital

Transformation Assurance

This service offers proactive visibility and insight into potential risks and issues during program execution. Along with successful mitigation strategies derived from leading practices and past experiences on similar engagements, ADTA is also a vehicle for continuous collaboration across the entire program. ADTA ensures all contributing parties are appropriately engaged and supported throughout the life of the initiative.

When to use ADTA

  • You’re dependent on a system integrator to deliver a majority of your transformation

  • You’re implementing new technology with limited or no similar experience

  • Your active programs are blindsided with issues impacting scope, schedule and budget

  • Having a clear understanding of the objectives and benefits identified in your transformation’s business case is vital to operational success

  • Proof of due diligence is required for your transformation (e.g. regulatory environment)

  • The resulting environment will create significant change for your stakeholders

What makes ADTA successful?

The objective of ADTA is to provide a clear understanding of what success looks like that can only come from extensive transformation experience. Operating as a mandatory broker of collaboration for all stakeholders and contributors across the program, our team will be embedded in the rhythm of the program, enabling near real-time insights into methods and deliverables.

Utilizing the ADTA framework means you can leverage your assets, standards and tools for accurate and consistent observations to make data-driven decisions.

What does ADTA look like?

ADTA is structured to deliver on the disciplines and priorities of successful digital transformation, such as:

  • Governance

    scope, schedule, cost, resources

  • Business Assent

    aligning future state to business objectives

  • Technology

    managing quality and risks of the technical solution

  • Change Preparedness

    managing quality and risks of required organizational change

ITERFIDE has a flexible delivery model that is adjusted to meet your specific needs. From point-in-time assessments to embedded resources within the program team or anywhere in between, ADTA adds value to your project.

ADTA operates most effectively with a direct-line reporting responsibility with the Executive Sponsors, and dotted line responsibility to both the Project Director and Steering Committee.

Having a direct line to Executive Sponsors mitigates the tendency of programs to dilute communications to the executive to control perceived performance, while dotted lines to the Project Director and Steering Committee proves to work stream leadership that ADTA is committed to working collaboratively for program success.

Talk to an ITERFIDE advisor about your specific needs